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FFDA General Rules

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FFDA General Rules Empty FFDA General Rules

Post by Gabriel_Fairfox on Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:25 pm

1. Do not Insult or harass other members (Internally or externally)
2. Do not Spam, advertise or continue to do something told not 2 by a Official GXA or FFDA staff member
3. Respect all other members
4. If you have a problem with someone, either talk to them directly Outside the Academy, if an issue can not be resolved without 3rd Party Intervention, Contact An Admin, privately. Do not use the Chatbox, or a Post for these problems.
5. Do not brake the rules on any site, you are representing this Academy on
6.No Rude/Anime/Perv Names (Can Lead to account Deletion and IP Ban)
7.No Exotic, Profile Picture or Signatures (Right to have a profile picture or signature,revolked)
8.No Fake Character Sheets

Most of the above Rules can Lead to a ban, often either a 1hour or 1day calloff ban, though if repeated Perm Ban. Any issues that become serious could lead to Forum Trail. Have a nice day
We Hold Our Rights to Enforce these Rules, along with The Right to contact Law Enforcement for Serious issue's

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