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Character Creation Rules/Template

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Character Creation Rules/Template Empty Character Creation Rules/Template

Post by Gabriel_Fairfox on Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:14 am

Face Claim + Image = 
Name: [First][Last] ......../[Nickname if any]
Gender:[Male or Female]
Race: Human or something else . 
Profession: Only 1 (This is your job)  
Skills you have from Profession:
Birthday: Day and Month (Only)
Sexuality : Straight, Bi, gay or/and Bi-Curious
Special Characteristics: any thing that stands out, Animal Traits,Tattoos scars, Birthmarks anything.

Personality:Describe your personality 300 words (Due to Nature of this roleplay)
Likes: Minimum of 3 
Dislikes: Minimum of 3
Fears: Minimum of 3  
Motivations and why : Minimum of 3 unless first 2 are 200 words each

History : At least 500 words (Very important for this role-play)
anything else about your character that we should know about


1. Do not use someone else face claim.
2. you can not be flawless 
3. If you want a profound Unique fighting style(note: not combat focused)  add a discription under history 500 words.
4. No God Molding 
5. Magic Does not exist in this role-play (Though your Race can give you traits like ears,tail and so on, 
6. Do not tie your history to someone else character without permission from them first  
7. you have a 10% wiggle room on world counts 
8. Do not copy someone else personality 

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