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Pokemon Tourney Tuesday (Tomorrow

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Pokemon Tourney Tuesday  (Tomorrow  Empty Pokemon Tourney Tuesday (Tomorrow

Post by Gabriel_Fairfox on Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:21 am

Entry Requirements
Make a character in the pokemon Create a character post

A member of Gxa or FFDA (Ideally Both)

Pick 6 Pokemon for your team, Replay to This Thread+ Pm Me your Team the moment anything legal in pokemon is legal , unless someone tells me i need to ban stuff,

Registration Closes when i say start

Will Do a poll for type of Tourney tomorrow

Will be using Pokemon Showdown for matchs,

Gl and Hf (Your 6 Pokemon do not need to be part of your 10 for the role-play

My 6 are,

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Pokemon Tourney Tuesday  (Tomorrow  Empty Re: Pokemon Tourney Tuesday (Tomorrow

Post by Gabriel_Fairfox on Sat Jun 28, 2014 4:09 pm

Cordelia has returned From a long holiday of a few months in parts unknown to the magic council, and she has returned to her duties as a knight and instantly decided to find her friend Kara who was with her every step of the way during her training and after. They had kept in contact for a long time during the period that Cordelia was on holiday and Kara had recovered a request from a client of the name Deng Zi about some secret organisation who was troubling the folks of Era. This sounded like a simple request that wouldn't take that long to complete so Cordelia decided to head to meet Kara instantly after finishing her Lacrima call with her.

Cordelia was wearing the same gear she was wearing, as she left with minor changes which consisted of the Lance of Tranquillity a long light leather boots extending up past her knees by an inch, A top which is like a short dress made out of the same light leather as her boots. The bottom of the dress stops below the waist while leaving a small space between the top of her boots and the bottom of her skirt exposing some thigh. Around her waist for movability and fashion with a leather belt. Addition she wears a Steel Chest Plate, her shoulders and upper arm areas are encased in a steel pauldron. The color Pallet consist of Red and Steel silver, with a black tint going down her lower left side which was a sign that she was had learned a second magic though, this magic was unclear to anyone at this time.

Once Cordelia had reached Kara they both hugged each other tightly and done a very Jolly jump with each other, which just happened to be the location of the initial site where Deng zi was also waiting just across the street laughing a bit at the 2 female council knights meet up, and then decided to approach them saying "Why excuse me, if you two have done with your reunion can we get down to business" *Pointing out the bodies, and broken shops nearby* "I can't confirm 100% but my instincts are telling me this is from a group called the Sinners of Blood.. so i would ask you to scout the area for clues now get to it".

Cordelia and Kara were a little annoyed at the bossy guy but were so happy reuniting let it slide and started scouting the area finding some coins with dark fingerprints on them which they will return to Deng zi giving him a friendly punch in the arm for being annoying. He would then take the coins back to a laboratory to analyse, meanwhile Kara and Cordelia would ask around to see if anyone had seen anything but non have at this point Cordelia and Kara job was done so they decided to go to a local bar to catch up since this mission was over.
[Cordelia] so what you been up to Kara... [Kara] allot of things have happened, apparently theirs a dragon flying around with a big ego.[Cordelia] Bet he would taste good barbecued [Kara] Totally.
The two woman would continue into the distance chatting away about the latest endeavors, the end.

548/500 Wordcount

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